Chasing waterfalls

While in Brisbane for an unknown amount of time, I am trying to explore and adventure as much as possible which lead me to a hike in Lamington National Park.

The park is in the Gold Coast Hinterlands almost 1000m above sea level and approximately two hours drive from Brisbane. My friend and I set off just after 6am on a Sunday to beat the traffic and crowds. There wasn’t too much of a crowd throughout the day so it’s not essential to leave that early depending on what track you want to do.

Beautiful rainforest

The are a number of walking tracks you can take. We walked the Box Forest Circuit track which was 10.9km return and took us 4-ish hours. It was easy enough to follow the track signs and find our way. We saw at least five waterfalls and stopped for a snack at Picnic Rock.

Picnic time at Picnic Rock

One of the best parts of the walk was being in nature listening to the birds chirping, leaves moving and the water falling… until we saw a snake on the path that is (shock emoji)! Then we weren’t so sure our nature day was a good idea. But we made it and that’s the main thing!!

Basically staring us down!!

We ended our day with a walk along the squeaky and bouncy Tree Top Walk at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat which is made up of nine suspension bridges and is quite the beauty.

I really enjoyed the hiking experience and am looking forward to exploring more of Queensland’s parks while I am here.

I have a long weekend in Sydney coming up and will share all the wanders when I’m back.

LWL xxx