Flavours of Japan

I love dining on Japanese as it always reminds me of my wander I had to Japan in 2013.

We enjoyed sushi train atΒ Tsukiji Fish Market and the degustation menu atΒ Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo, and lobster at Red Lobster in Osaka.

Last month I dined at James Parker Sushi & Sake in Northbridge and it did not disappoint. The contemporary menu and fresh ingredients made every dish delicious!

I was craving sashimi before deciding on where to eat that night so we ordered the sashimi 5×2 which came with five different types of sashimi each including salmon and tuna. It’s always so refreshing and a great dish to start with.

I remember when I never used to eat raw fish until my holiday to Japan was booked and I started introducing it in preparation for the food over there. Now I love it!

5 kinds of sashimi

Next up was tuna aburi – seared tuna on a bed of lettuce with ponzu sauce on top.

Tuna aburi

Then we had grilled king fish with saikyo miso and radish.

Grilled king fish

Edamame soybeans are always great to fill the gaps. These were topped with salt which was perfect for me as I love my salt.


We enjoyed the signature grilled duck with sauce. This was my favourite dish of the night, the duck was cooked to perfection.

JPs grilled duck

It was the first time trying Japanese dumplings or gyoza as they’re called. These were homemade and filled with pork and vegetables.


I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at James Parker but one thing I always crave when eating Japanese is vegetables, they just don’t have enough of them in their dishes.

It’s only seven more work days for me til I’m on summer holidays and I can’t wait for my staycation. Next week I will be sharing what’s on for Christmas and the New Year.

LWL xxx