Surprising Cervantes

I was only back from my Great Southern trip for a couple of days before the excitement of a long weekend and more easing of restrictions saw me plan a last minute family wander to Cervantes.

Located 200km north of Perth, I am so surprised I’d never visited Cervantes town previously, having only seen The Pinnacles. It was such a beautiful beachside town with wonderful nature experiences.

I headed down on the Saturday morning with my sister and nephews and after one ‘restless’ stop on the way for my nephew to have a run around, we stopped into Lancelin for a bit of beach time and lunch. It wasn’t the nicest morning for the beach but the nephews were happy.

Lancelin Beach

We enjoyed a nice ‘dine in’ lunch at Offshore Cafe. It was the first day regional borders were reopened north of Perth so the team seemed a bit stressed with the influx and the strict number of people allowed in the ordering line but the food was great.

We continued onto Cervantes and Nambung National Park where we wandered the natural rock formations of The Pinnacles. It’s the second time I’ve visited The Pinnacles and I still thought it was just as cool as my nephews did. It’s such a uniquely random natural wonder with rocks entertainingly resembling animals and objects.

The Pinnacles

We met my Dad and his partner there before continuing on to Cervantes to settle in for a couple of nights. After unpacking we went down to the jetty so my nephew could try fishing for the first time and although it was windy and not good weather for catching fish, the sunset was pretty.

Fishing and sunset at Cervantes Jetty

The next day we spent the morning in Jurien Bay, another pretty beachside town popular for swimming, fishing and boating about 20 minutes north of Cervantes. We spent our time walking along the beach, fishing and running into the water with my nephews.

Jurien Bay

We had a bakery lunch before an ice-cream stop back in Cervantes at The Lobster Shack.

Ice cream view at The Lobster Shack

Later that day we took a red dirt road to explore the beautiful Lake Thetis and it’s thrombolites – 3000 year old fossils – and Hansen Bay Lookout up a flight of stairs.

The stunning Lake Thetis

Hansen Bay Lookout

We enjoyed the last of the sunset at Cervantes Beach.

Sunset at Cervantes Beach

On our way home we stopped into Guilderton and Moore River for a stretch of legs and wander around the river and ocean lookout.

Moore River and Guilderton Beach

It was a lovely two day getaway and so nice to finally explore Cervantes and its neighbours. Looking forward to more wanders through our state now that most of the regional borders have been removed.

LWL xxx